Rushworth footballer Troy Snelson on the mend

KDFLWeekly Times |RUSHWORTH footballer Troy Snelson appeared to be on the road to recovery yesterday after suffering a neck injury on Saturday.

The Kyabram District league match between the Tigers and Girgarre was stopped as a result of Snelson’s injury.

Rushworth club president Peta Williams said Snelson had fractured his C7 vertebrae, and would need to wear “a neck brace or halo”, but the early indication was surgery was not required.

“He was up and walking around (on Sunday) apparently, but still in a lot of pain,” she said on Monday.

“At this stage things are looking OK for him, so we probably got the best outcome I think, considering the initial thoughts.”

Snelson played in Rushworth’s 2004 premiership team.

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