Wycheproof-Narraport v Boort game called off

NCFLTHE match between Wycheproof-Narraport Demons and Boort Magpies was called off midway through the first quarter after a player was injured.

It’s understood two players were going for the ball and collided in the first quarter of the Round 13 North Central league match.

Demon Dane McLennan fractured his jaw and was expected to have plates inserted earlier this week.

McLennan was not moved from the ground until the ambulance arrived, by which time the game had been abandoned.

Under AFL Victoria County rules a game is over if play stops for more than 30 minutes, and a draw if play stopped before halftime.

Wycheproof-­Narraport remains on top of the ladder but Boort must continue to fight for its place in the top four and finals.

Its next two opponents, Birchip-Watchem and ­Donald, are also in contention for the finals.

Boort will host both matches.

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