AFL VictoriaA list of all the country leagues we cover here at and their position for the current Covid-19 affected 2020 season.  This list will be updated as soon as possible when leagues make ongoing decisions.



2020 Seasons Cancelled
Alberton FNL
Alberton FNL

Ballarat FNL
Ballarat FNL
Bellarine FNLBellarine FNL Bendigo FNL
 Bendigo FNL
CentralHIghlands FNL 
Central Highlands FNL
Central Murray FNLCentral Murray FNL  Colac District FNLColac & District FNL East Gippsland FNL
East Gippsland FNL
Ellinbank District FNL
Ellinbank & District FNL
  Gippsland FNL
 Gippsland FNL
Geelong FNLGeelong FNL
Geelong District FNL Geelong & District FNL Golden Rivers FNLGolden Rivers FNL   Goulburn Valley FNL
Gulburn Valley FNL
Hampden FNL Hampden FNL 
Heathcote District FNLHeathcote & District FNL Horsham District FNLHorsham & Dsitrict FNL   Kowree Narracorte Tatiara FNLKowree Naracoorte Tatiara FNL (SA) 
Kyabram District FNLKyabram & District FNL Loddon Valley FNLLoddon Valley FNL MCDFNL
Maryborough Castlemaine District FNL
Mid Gippsland FNL
Mid GIppsland FNL
Millewa FNLMIllewa FNL Mininiera District FNL
Mininera & District FNL
Murray FNL
Murray FNL
North Central FNLNorth Central FNL  North Gippsland FNL
North Gippsland FNL
Northern Riverina FNL
Northern Riverina FNL (NSW) 
Omeo District FNL
 Omeo & District FNL
AFL Outer East FNL
Outer East FNL 
Ovens King FNLOvens & King FNL Ovens Murray FNL
Ovens & Murray FNL
 Picola District FNL
Picola & District FNL
  Riddell District FNL 
Riddell & District FNL
South West District FNL  South West District FNL Sunraysia FNL  Sunraysia FNL
Tallangatta District FNL
 Tallangatta & District FNL
Upper Murray FNL
Upper Murray FNL
Warrnambool District FNL
 Warrnambool & District FNL
West Gippsland FNL
West Gippsland FNL
Western Border FNL
Western Border FNL
Wimmera FNL
Wimmera FNL



League:  Current Season: Current Timelines:
Farrer (NSW) On hold Junior grades scheduled to recomence the weekend of July 17th-19th. 
Hume (NSW) On hold If a sesaon progresses the league has decided to scrap playing for a premiership this season. 
Riverina (NSW) On hold Junior grades scheduled to recomence the weekend of July 17th-19th.