Millewa FNLSelected Sides | See all the ins and outs for the matches in this weekends round of Millewa Football League action.

NANGILOC v. BAMBILL Round 10 - 30/06/2018


B: M. Williams, S. Lee, J. Berry
HB: B. Moore, J. Berry, J. Guthrie
C: Z. Carney, S. Golding, D. Breeding
HF: B. Mansell, , K. Freer
F: R. Hughes, D. Keens, R. Knights
R: J. Sluiter, J. Wilson, L. Weaver
Int: M. West, T. Hollis, B. Healy, C. Cox

To be selected from:
B. Guy

In: M. West, R. Hughes, K. Freer
Out: L. Collett, W. Sparkes, T. Francis




To be selected from:
B. Nitschke, S. Esira , O. Amoafo, M. Fromm, C. Doering, S. Hirschi,
L. Coates, C. Keatch, G. Finlayson, A. Davis, B. Congress, S. Foreman,
B. Reid, S. Doering, J. Freeman, J. Coates, C. Wade, B. Wade,
P. Zara, B. Roberts, A. McCarthy, D. Hall

In: G. Finlayson
Out: K. Naquto


WERRIMULL v. MERINGUR Round 10 - 30/06/2018


B: J. Tung, M. Kelly, R. Payne
HB: J. Payne, L. Petrolo,
C: D. Scutcheon, L. O'Neil, R. Howell
HF: D. Payne, J. Keenan, J. Perry
F: S. Anthony, N. Mason, M. Nitschke
R: F. Kelly, J. Cruikshank, T. Kelly
Int: C. Kimerlis, C. Williams, T. Payne, A. Seaton-Stewart
Emg: R. Chirgwin

To be selected from:
S. Clark

In: R. Chirgwin



B: D. Collihole, J. Vassallo, N. Hards
HB: J. Harmer, B. Mitchell,
C: J. Galway, J. Parker, K. Farquharson
HF: A. Coluccio, M. Rankin, S. Douglas
F: J. Simpson, R. Price,
R: R. Croft, , B. Rankin
Int: J. Smith, C. Deckert, B. Cook, N. Black
Emg: J. Wilson, K. Ruchel, M. Parker

To be selected from:
T. Quirk-Meeks

In: D. Collihole, J. Parker, R. Price, K. Ruchel, O. Clementson, M. Parker

Out: B. Barnfield, M. McGinty, J. Wright, J. Morgan