West Gippsland FNLThe Gazette | The top teams flexed their muscles in round six of the West Gippsland Football Competition, as the Warragul Industrials broke into the top five with a massive win.

Warragul Industrials vs Kilcunda Bass
Star forward Mason McGarrity has led the Warragul Industrials to a top five spot after destroying Kildunca Bass by 97 points. McGarrity kicked an incredible ten goals as the Dusties won their third in a row, the final score being 22.13 (145) to 7.6 (48).

It wasn't all forward line heroics however, as the defensive improvements the Dusties have made over the first few weeks of the season were evident for all to see. Indeed, Warragul kept their opponents to just four goals in the first half while McGarrity did as he pleased up the other end.

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