Mid Gippsland FNLThe Gazette | As exciting as the season has already been, this week's round of football has something a little bit special with a Saturday night clash to be a feature.

Hill End v Foster
There is no team that wants to cop a good side on the rebound - especially not on that team's home ground. But that is exactly what Foster will face this weekend when they make the journey to Hill End to clash with the Rovers.

The Tigers have bounced back in recent times after a shaky start to the season, but this week face their biggest challenge of the season.

"It's our first ever trip to Willow Grove, which will be one of our toughest road trips of the year," Foster coach Sam Davies said. "We look forward to growing as a group even more."
Make no mistake, a rivalry has already been built between these two sides, and you can expect both teams to be as fierce and as fired up as they possibly can be.

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