Ovens Murray FNLLeague Review | Just the two games of football and netball to complete round five, but goodness me a couple of big results highlighted the two venues.

North Albury capped off a wonderful 24 hours at the club by breaking a 21-game losing streak to outplay Wodonga Raiders by 23 points at Birrallee Park.

It had been 1022 long days since its last victory that was against Wodonga in round 14 2019. Round six that same year was their last away victory also against Wodonga.

The signing of former junior Doulton Langlands on Friday was the start of a good twenty-four hours, as the young Hoppers celebrated a grand victory. Langlands is expected to make his return to the playing field over the next few weeks. He played three games for St Kilda in 2019 before moving to Perth.

North Albury led at every change with Carter Norman putting in his best game for the club with four goals, while Sam Azzi did his interleague selection no harm with a best on ground performance.

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