Golden Rivers FNLMedia Release | Golden Rivers FNL wish to inform its members and public that Wakool FNC have chosen to disband their club.

Wakool’s President Anne Hamilton confirmed they held their Annual General Meeting on Monday night, 12th November, where the future of the football club was discussed. Amongst the few that attended the meeting it was decided that with the numbers on and off the field the club would unable to be sustained.

Over their 60 years running Wakool has seen their fair share of highs and lows. After winning a Senior Premiership in 2013 they went into recess in 2016 due to lack of numbers. Wakool’s community fought hard to see them back up and competing in 2017, but unfortunately after two years struggling to fill sides each and every week and facing the same if not worse in 2019, they have chosen to close the doors.

“Wakool have been trying extremely hard to resurrect their club in a number of areas. I admire their tenacity and drive to maintain a community sporting club. I hope they can continue to be involved in a community focused group, so that they can have fun and continue to look out for each other” said Golden Rivers FNL Board Chairman Greg Bear.

There is no doubt that Wakool’s committee and community had the passion to continue their sporting club and should be commended for their efforts. With Wakool no longer competing Golden Rivers will become an 8-club league in 2019, eliminating the bye.

For further information please contact GRFNL Board Chairman Greg Bear and Wakool’s President Anne Hamilton