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MCDFNLMedia Release | The Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL nor AFL Goldfields have expressed that the Campbells Creek FNC will be removed from the competition on the basis that they do not field a senior football team in 2021.

 AFL Goldfields, MCDFNL representatives and Campbells Creek FNC have met on three occasions since late December and on each occasion they have expressed a decrease in the number of teams which they would be entering into the MCDFNL competitions for 2021.

 As it currently stands the MCDFNL’s understanding is that Campbells Creek FNC is likely to field at most 7 teams of the 11 teams of football or netball which is the full compliment across the league, which includes no senior football nor A Grade netball.

 The club has expressed growing concerns in each subsequent discussion with AFL Goldfields and the MCDFNL.

 The club is aware of the bylaws that apply to their position if some teams are not fielded.

 All clubs within the MCDFNL operate under the bylaws of the league which are approved by the member club’s delegates, including Campbells Creek FNC.
These bylaws include a range of fines and premiership points penalties when a club doesn’t field teams in a grade of competition.

The club is currently considering its own position within the league for 2021.

 In discussions with the club president it has been communicated to AFL Goldfields Region Manager, Gerard Ryan, that they will not be making a decision on their position before the end of this week.

 Until the club membership determines its own position it is not a decision which is before the MCDFNL delegates and executive.

 Of all the clubs within the AFL Goldfields region Campbells Creek FNC are the one club which has been most severely impacted by the season off due to COVID 19 and as a consequence the loss of senior and reserve grade footballers specifically.

 Club development assistance was offered to Campbells Creek FNC in January by AFL Goldfields and remains available for the club when it wishes to take up the offer to work towards its sustainability.