This site is for all supporters and lovers of the great game that is country football. Thank you for your continued support that has helped me continue this site over the last 18 seasons.

I am again covering all Victorian country footy leagues as well as 4 leagues from Southern NSW and 1 SA league.

I try to have the most relevant and up to date information possible. I appreciate all info received whether from leagues, club or supporters. 

This site began as an idea whilst travelling overseas in January in 2000. So on my return and teaching myself how to design a website the first version of appeared on the web. The site covered 15 major Victorian country league results and ladders. The first month had 181 hits to the site.

Since 2000, the site grew each year in respect to the number of leagues covered up until 2005 when I finally was able to cover all Victorian leagues as well as the extra leagues from NSW and SA.

Currently the site now has gone from just having scores and ladders to include news articles, statistics, goal kicking info and multimedia. 

Traffic to the site has gone from the initial 181 hits to now averaging over 1.75 million hits monthly.

My initial hobby grown from my love of country footy has now become a source of info for footy fans all over the world. 

I cannot thank you enough for your support.