TAC Safety barriers save lives

AFLCommunityChallengeSelected sides/squads for the Worksafe Community Championship match between the South East FNL and the Hampden FNL.

Hampden FNL selected side:

B: B. Harrington, D. Mooney, R. O’Connor
HB: H. Lee, S. Robinson, T. Batten
C: J. Bell, J. Hussey, J. Anderson
HF: T. McIntyre, J. Hausler, R. Taggert
F: P. Anderson, J. Hollmer, T. Mulraney
Foll: L. Dare, B. Mahoney, J. Saunders
Int: M. Wines, A. Wines, T. Feely, N. Thompson
Emerg: L. Youl, L. Hoy, P. Pekin