Bus gets school kids to Tigerland juniors

mcdflWeekly Times |TWO years ago, Lexton Football Club bought a bus.

The club, looking for ways to increase its junior football numbers, had approached Ballarat Grammar to ask if boarders would like to come out and play with the Tigers.

Club president Tim Oliver said at the start there were about 12-13 kids, but now the 25-seater bus, which carries both junior footballers and netballers, was full.

“We should’ve bought a bigger bus,” Oliver said.

“It was something we saw a little opening for and decided we might jump on and it’s obviously paid dividends for us

“From there once kids figure out they’re having fun it’s all word of mouth.”

When Lexton played at home on Saturday against Newstead, it was the first time a full complement of junior ­Tigers teams had played at home since it joined the Maryborough Castlemaine District league in 2011.

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