Hardly a challenge, Hepburn coach says

central highlandsDEPARTING Hepburn coach Jason Olver says he might have continued in the role had proposed changes to the Central Highlands league been introduced next year.

As well as family and work commitments, Olver says the lack of competition from some of the other teams in the league contributed to his decision.

“Purely I just feel we don’t get enough challenges in our league for the effort and work put in to get a flag,” he said.

“We’re really only playing seven or eight really good clubs. I’d rather have a 10-team competition and a challenge week in, week out.

“We’ve loved the final series. If I had that every week I’d love to coach another 20 years, but with the way the league is structured at the moment it’s not the right fit for me.

AFL Goldfields recently released the draft report from a review into senior football, and proposed reducing the number of teams in Central Highlands by placing some of the weaker teams into a new league.

However, the final recommendations are yet to be made and the formation of a new league has been delayed until after next season.

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