TAC Safety barriers save lives

AFLSEN | With the sickening injury to Harris Andrews at the hands – or should that be elbow – of Giants star Jeremy Cameron, the idea of an in-game penalty has again emerged. 

The last time the idea of a red card was raised with regards to the AFL was when Melbourne’s Tom Bugg planted a left jab on Swan Callum Mills’ jaw, knocking the young gun unconscious and sidelining him for the remainder of the match.

In response the great Chris Judd, himself no stranger to on-field indiscretions, suggested a red card system utilising video referees and an in-game review, with the decision handed down and enacted during a stop in play. And now, with Andrews suffering bleeding on the brain as a result of an intentional – if instinctive - act by Jeremy Cameron, the footy industry yet again turns its collective attention to in-match penalties.

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