Geelong District FNLSelected Teams | See the ins and outs for this weekends round of matches in the Geelong & District FNL


Anakie vs. Thomson @ Anakie Reserve – Saturday, 2:10pm

B: L. Cameron, B. Cockerell, J. Butcher
HB: K. Connor-Kent, T. Karacsay, A. Edwards
C: K. Eibl, B. Gerrard, M. Gavin
HF: B. Sharp, D. Weigl, M. Rhodes
F: M. Pope, N. Kenyon, J. Lewis
R: L. Wilson, M. White, J. Sluggett
Int: B. Goodwin, J. Phillis, K. McEwan-Walsh, J. Kavanagh

B: S. Butcher, T. McGuire, M. Tunbridge
HB: A. Hodgson, A. Wiseman, S. Jacka
C: B. Wall, P. Disanto, M. Egan
HF: J. Westwood, P. Davis, D. Freeman
F: J. Westwood, L. Forbes, J. Macleod
R: M. Baden, R. Holwell, J. Casey
Int: B. Gardiner, F. Banfield, J. Stacey, D. Mcleish
Emg: J. Matheson, J. Spokes

In: F. Banfield, S. Butcher

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