Golden Rivers FNLMatch Previews | A showdown between Murrabit and Macorna for the A-grade title highlights this Saturday’s netball grand finals in the Golden Rivers FNL.

The Blues have home-court advantage at Murrabit when they take on the Tigers from 12.15pm.

Although it was beaten in two of three matches leading into the finals, Murrabit hit form in the second semi against Macorna.

The Blues won 56-45 on Ultima’s court.

Just three weeks earlier, Macorna had marked a 42-41 win at home against the Blues in the 14th round.

The following week the Blues were beaten by Ultima, 36-31, and in the 18th round held on for a one-goal win against Moulamein.

It was not the richest vein form shown by the Blues, but they lifted on day two of the finals series to be first into the A-grade grand final.

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