Hampden FNLMatch Previews | Unfortunately, a number of significant injuries in round six of Hampden Netball.

Isabel Rae from South Warrnambool has a broken bone in her arm, a four-to-six-week layoff. It will be interesting to see how Will Jamieson uses the different combinations available and South’s adaptability to the same. I will watch with inquisitiveness.

Adding to Koroit’s injury woes Ashley Evans, had a heavy fall and Molly McKinnon, ruptured her ACL, in the game against North Warrnambool.

Molly ‘s injury will be a twelve-month recovery time. The growing list of injuries will put Danielle McInerney’s netball brain to the test, and again I will watch to see what Danielle & Koroit produce. Koroit had a little good news this week with Scarlett O’Donnell and Molly McLaren’s injuries not as bad as first thought.

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