Alberton FNLMedia Release | A message from Stony Creek FNC regarding thier propsed move to the Mid Gippsland FNL.

Just an update on the current league status.

As most of you know & have been advised over the last few weeks, the SCFNC has been accepted to the Mid Gippsland Football League & Mid Gippsland Netball Assoc.

Our transfer application was submitted to the AFNL on August 16th.

Unfortunately, we received confirmation last week that the AFNL has denied our request to transfer to the MGFL & MGNA.

This, despite the AFNL advising all AFNL clubs on numerous occasion over the last 3 years, that they would not block any transfer request to another league, if clubs thought that was in their clubs best interest.

Clearly,we do think its our best interest to transfer to the MGFL & MGNA & clearly our league has blocked this attempt despite their promises to allow us to transfer.

I will keep you updated as we move forward with the process to join the MGFL & MGNA.

We thank the MGFL & MGNA for their support & will continue to work with them over the coming weeks.

Thank you.
Mark Le Page