Ellinbank District FNLMedia Statement | The Ellinbank & District Football League are pleased to announce that the Trafalgar Football Netball club will join our league for the 2021 season.

All of our 10 member clubs were required to cast a vote on the affiliation of the Trafalgar FNC by COB Wednesday 28th November. This was a change of process as a Special Meeting was scheduled for Monday 26th October but it was cancelled due to the COVID restrictions and the ballot vote held via email instead which was within the EDFL constitution guidelines.

The vote was as follows: 8 Clubs voted for their presence and 2 against.

Under the EDFL Constitution the application of a club is accepted if and only if it is supported by two-thirds (66%) of the members.

As 80% voted for; the EDFL executive approve the application of the Trafalgar FNC to join our league in 2021.

The EDFL Board of Management feel Trafalgar’s presence will help underwrite the future of the competition. It has proven to be a strong, successful and financial club in the Mid Gippsland FNL over many years and importantly should also enhance our junior ranks and league sponsorship opportunities.

The EDFL also sought a vote of all member clubs to move to U/16.5 & U18.5 Age levels for 2021.

The vote was as follows: 7 Clubs voted for the change and 3 against.

Only a 50% majority is required to pass this vote as it not a change to the constitution.

Therefore the EDFL will push for U/16.5 & U18.5 Age levels for 2021.

However clubs please note the EDFL has been advised it is the responsibility of AFL Victoria Country and or Commission to set, or approve any changes in the age grouping structure within an Area or Commission, in consultation with affected leagues. Therefore while this motion was passed by our clubs it will still require AFL Gippsland approval. We will seek a response from AFL Gippsland ASAP.