Mid Gippsland FNLSentinel Times | The Stony Creek versus Toora game at the Racecourse Oval erupted into controversy on Saturday. May 20 when one of the field umpires stopped the contest late in the third quarter, allegedly as a result of unsavory abuse from the boundary line.

And, in the company of the boundary umpire who allegedly heard the untoward comment from the sidelines, marched across the field to the boundary line and demanded to speak to the host club’s president Mark Le Page. Never mind that the offending remark was allegedly made by a Toora official.

So, what could be so bad that an umpire would threaten to call the match off, at three quarter time unless the Toora official was made to leave, not just the confines of the footy oval, but the whole property.

“He’s up in his car, I can see him there. Unless he leaves the ground, I am calling this game off,” said the umpire while the players were at their three-quarter time huddles.

So, what was said.

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