Heathcote District FNLBendigo Advertiser | Heathcote District Football Netball League chairman Peter Cole said community safety was at the forefront of the league's decision to cancel the 2020 season.


A video conference hook-up with club presidents on Thursday night laid the foundation for the HDFNL board's decision to pull the pin on a season ruined by COVID-19. "Every club we spoke to last night said that they understand that there was going to be no play,'' Cole said.

"Whether we did it (made the decision) now or in two weeks' time - the clubs were split. Some wanted to hang on, some didn't. "Once we found the fact that if someone was training during that period of time and came down with COVID-19 and, god forbid, something happened to them there's no insurance.

"That was a telling factor in why would you bother? It's too dangerous."

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