OvensMurrayFNl22 squarev2Match Results | In another classic match between arch rivals, the Ovens and Murray FNL and the Goulbrun Valley FNL, it was the former that held aloft the Ash-Wlison trophy when the siren sounded.

After a blistering first quarter from the OMFNL, ti was the GVFNL who steadily pegged back the home side as the game progressed. 

The GVFNL would actually get in front by 15 points in the early stages of the final quarter. In a see sawing affair, the OMFNL being able to string together crucial goals to wrest control of the game back as the final quarter rolled on, eventually running out 7 point winners of the thrilling contest.

OVENS AND MURRAY 6.5 6.8 8.10 13.14 (92)

GOULBURN VALLEY 1.1 4.3 9.5 13.7 (85)

OVENS AND MURRAY: Casey 2, Bice 2, Mackinlay 2, Riccardi, Stone, O’Brien, Grills, Jewell, Glanvill, Conlan.
GOULBURN VALLEY: Evans 4, Magro 3, Christopher 2, Rigoni, Hill, Murphy-Dale, Monohan.

OVENS AND MURRAY: Grills, Morrison, Bice, Conlan, Hayes, Mathey.
GOULBURN VALLEY: Herbert, Dale, Stephenson, Mills, Evans, Monohan, Magro.