Ballarat FNLMatch Reviews | A big weekend saw the final's mix shuffled with favourites tested and upsets occuring. After seven rounds there are still plenty of questions left to answer across the senior men's competition!

Scoop has all the updates from Saturday's action.

Pregame favorites Sebastopol made no excuses following a disappointing 30-point loss to a feverish North Ballarat at MARS Stadium.

With the game seemingly in the balance at the main break, the second half stanza was going to be all about work rate and who could execute getting it done on the scoreboard.

The frugal natured North Ballarat defence answered the call, keeping the Burra to just five scores in the second half (4.1) while "biggie smalls” midfield duo Cam McCullum and Riley Polkinghorne combined again, proving the catalyst for an outnumber of forward entries.

Polkinghorne made it six from six appearances in the best players this season while McCullum's form is not be sneezed at either with four appearances from his seven outings.

While Sebastopol had won four out of their five games heading in, all had come against the bottom four teams, raising some concerns of where they're really at, and needing a scalp to consolidate the nature of their economy.

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