South West District FNLMedia Release | The SWDFNL Advisory Committee and it's member Club's wish to advise our members and supporters that our 2020 season has been officially cancelled.

Notice was given today to AFL Western District of our decision to cancel the 2020 season. This decision was not taken lightly, and the Advisory Committee would like to acknowledge and thank our Club Presidents and their respective Committee's for being forthcoming, open and honest within our discussion yesterday evening.

The biggest concern for all Clubs is the health and well being of their players, coaches, supporters and volunteers, due to there being so many unknown variables in relation to restrictions on contact training, competition contact play commencing and crowds, our Club's feel that the best and safest decision moving forward for their members and volunteers is to cancel our 2020 season.

We believe this decision is in the best interests for all those involved within our League. Our members health and safety are our Club's and the League's top priority. We believe that at this point in time, the risks out way the benefits when it comes to running a competition in the current COVID-19 environment.

As a League our Club's will now be focusing on moving forward in preparation for season 2021. Our Club's and the SWDFNL Advisory Committee will be united in their efforts to ensure our competition gets back on it's feet in 2021.

Whilst our season will not be commencing, as a League we fully support any return to Junior Football and will support our neighbour Junior league GSWJFL in any decision they may make in regards to a possible season in some format for our young players.

Whilst this may not be the outcome everyone was hoping for, we ask that you support our Club's & League's decision and move forward with season 2021 in your sights. We will be back and we will be stronger than ever.