Golden Rivers FNLMatch Previews | Five home and away season matches left and the make-up of the top five is still well and truly up in the air.

The next two rounds could give supporters a clearer picture on what might occur but the way the competition has been, that could also be unlikely too. It appears the only near certainty is that South Warrnambool should take out the minor premiership if a win is achieved this weekend.

Portland Tigers Stay

It was terrific news received last week, with the announcement the Portland Tigers will be remaining in the Hampden League.

Whilst it has been a tough year on-field for the Tigers, they have been a welcomed addition to the league since 2013, highlighted by their finals appearance in 2022 and the Maskell Medal win by Daniel Jackson. It was warming to read that a large portion of the decision to remain was player driven, especially to keep playing a higher level of football, in comparison dropping back in standard if they move had occurred.

Moving forward, I would think Hanlon Park will host a final this year based on the leagues two year rotation system and no doubt, the search for a new senior coach is well and truly in action as Jarrod Holt will step aside at season’s end.

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