These lists are for the top individual goal kicking tallies for a game each round . The qualifying amount for this list is a bag of 16 or more goals in a game.

This list is based on Senior matches only. If you have any information regarding this section, please email me. I apologise for any omissions.


Week 21: August 13th
James Martin Rushworth v Girgarre Kyabram & District 18
James McNamee Dunolly v Royal Park Maryborough Casltemaine District 15

Week 19: July 30th
Sam LaPorta Undera v Girgarre Kyabram & District 16
Michael Rowe Macorna v Hay Golden Rivers 16

Week 15: June 2nd
Christian Kelly Maldon v Royal Park Maryborough Castlemaine District 10
Lachlan Hamilton Moyston Wilaura v Woorndoo Mortlake Mininera & District 11

Week 13: June 25th
Kahl Oliver LBU v Heathote & District 10

Week 10: June 4th
Daniel Lewis Milawa v Swanpool Ovens & King 8