Tallangatta District FNLABC News | On a recent Wednesday afternoon, with a faltering sun streaking through creaky gum trees, Daryl Hore took the usual dusty turn-off to Wahgunyah Football Netball Club with an unusual feeling.

The churning sense of dread, at times a feature of the club president’s past two years, was gone.

In its place, an unlikely rumble of optimism and more than a bit of pride.

For a man built like a bouncer with the voice of a cement mixer, it was a lot to process.

“To see this tonight, I can’t quite believe it,” Hore said, scanning the football ground in awe.

What he found himself staring at were people — kids, adults, men, women. A chaotic assembly of familiar faces and new friends. A community.

For the small town on the banks of the Murray River in north-eastern Victoria, that hasn’t been something to take for granted.

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